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Elena - Foster Needed


Female  🔸 House Broken Last Weigh-in 38.6 lbs

Elena’s Story

On Tuesday, 1/19/2019, we introduced you to our #sdfJusticePups, Ruth Bader, Ginsburg, and O’Connor. Shortly after we were so happy to finally locate their bother, Kennedy! All with the help of some very dedicated volunteers,

A few hours later, the Memphis Animal Services team was able to get mom (Elena) and get her transferred over to us! Huge shout out to the Field Officer who was able to scoop her up and to Dani and Alexis for reaching out immediately to let us know we could come get our mama! #sdfElena is barely older than a puppy herself but she is so sweet and let our volunteers carry her into Grace to get checked out.

Elena did test positive for Heartworms but Grace Animal Hospital is getting rid of those nasty buggers. She’s up to date on her vaccinations and is preparing to meet the family of her dreams. Could it be you?

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