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Ellen's Story

Ellen was scooped up by a family travelling through Memphis for their Christmas Vacation (get the name reference? ;)) Since they weren't from here and didn't have any plans to pick up stray dogs, they took her to the most wonderful place on earth, Grace Animal Hospital where she received all her initial shots and vet care. The family soon had to depart and Ellen wasn't in their plans so the kind owners of Grace Animal Hospital took her on in the true spirit of Christmas joy. And that's where we enter. Streetdog Foundation has partnered up to introduce to you all Ellen - and to make sure that she finds the perfect forever family!

So without further ado... everyone say hello to Ellen!! 
She is a sweet girl, a little over a year old and appears to be a hound/Staffordshire terrier mix (but who knows...we just like to label her as adorable). She's a little unsure about life with other animals right now but warms up very quickly to all humans. Ellen tested light heartworm positive so for now she has started the beginning phases of heartworm treatment and we are hoping that it does the trick, but if not she will continue through with the full blown treatment. Ellen is currently living at Grace but would love a fantastic and warm foster, or even better, forever home to go to! If you're looking for a good one on one companion to spend some time with then Ellen is just the pup for you!

Medical Update

1/21/18: Ellen was borderline heartworm positive when she came to us, so she is on oral medication which will hopefully 🤞🏻 get rid of those pesky buggers. We will recheck her after a month of oral meds to see if she will need to go through the rest of treatment. She has been in a temp foster home for a bit and is learning what being a real pup is all about!

2/12/18: Surprise! Ellen is PREGNANT! She's ready to pop any day now and we'll have another litter of Streetdogs, born safe and loved. Watch this space or follow us on social media to keep up with our soon-to-be mama and puppies!

2/22/18: Ellen gave birth to ten beautiful babies! She's a great little mama and once the puppies are weaned they'll be ready for foster/forever homes and so will Ellen!

3/1/18: Ellen has been the perfect mama to her babies! She is working on eating lots, feeding those pups, and taking lots of naps.

If you'd like to get Ellen a present for her puppy shower, we have an Amazon wish list set up. Thank you for supporting Streetdog!

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