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Emelia - On Adoption Trial



Emelia’s Story

Streetdog volunteers spent a whole day working on rescuing this mama dog. They were finally able to leash her and named her after the daughter of one of the volunteers who saved her. Once we got her to the vet we confirmed that she had recently had puppies. After some triage and a meal, we took Emelia back to look for her pups. Unfortunately, she didn’t search for babies when we took her back. We brought her everywhere that people had reported seeing her and we played puppy sounds on our phone. Her main hangout for the last 48 hours had been around and under a house that was under construction. A brave volunteer graciously went under there twice to make sure there were no babies. When we let Emelia walk around freely on the leash, she just stood in the road looking around and did not appear to be familiar with the area. Ultimately, we had to give up our search with the realization that she was likely dumped there.

Emelia is now a Streetdog and will be getting all the love, rest and medical treatment she needs.

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