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Georgia - On Adoption Trial


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Georgia's Story

Hey, I'm Georgia! I was living the life of a pup on the streets when, one morning, I decided to take a nap in a backyard that had a nice looking pool. When I woke up, the lady that lived there had left me food and water! Woo hoo - free food! I quickly learned that the nice lady was very afraid of me (you know, dog's intuition) and so I kept coming back and she kept feeding me and then running back into the house. I sure had her trained! Breakfast in bed everyday! After a few months of doing this, the nice lady decided that I needed a house of my own and contacted Streetdog Foundation. Before they could get there to rescue me from my life on the streets, I was tempted by a yummy treat and I ended up headed to a local animal shelter. Luckily, my rescuers at Streetdog Foundation weren't going to give up on me and they came and found me since they had already promised to help me find my forever home!! They gave me a pretty new collar with my own tag - I've never had my own tag before! Then they took me to Grace Animal Hospital to get a check up and all my vaccinations.

Unfortunately, life on the streets wasn't so easy and I am HW positive but Doc says that with some medication, I will be all better soon. I'm about 2 years old, and some sort of beautiful mixed Staffordshire terrier breed. I am dog-, cat- and people-friendly. Once I beat these pesky heartworms I will be out and about at adoption events near you so be on the lookout :)

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