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James Lee



James Lee is looking for a foster home! He needs a nice, quiet place to do his healing. Click here for more information about fostering.

James Lee’s Story

James Lee’s rescue story started in the crawlspace under a historic mansion in Memphis. When Streetdog Foundation was notified of his family, including mama dog Victoria and five newborn pups, volunteers headed straight out to help them. Victoria and the pups were rescued but James Lee had wedged himself so far into the crawlspace that despite our volunteers’ efforts, they couldn’t get to him.

Our volunteers watched day and night, drawing James Lee out with food and eventually enticing him into a trap with some Jack Pirtle’s chicken! It was a complex and emotional rescue spanning four days but in the end James Lee was safe!

James Lee has an old injury to his front left leg and can’t put weight on it without pain. Our Doc has recommended amputation but first James Lee will have to undergo heart worm treatment. It will be a long road to recovery for James Lee but he’s a Streetdog now and we’ll do whatever it takes to make him a happy, healthy pup.

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