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Kennedy - On Adoption Trial


Male    🔸 Dog Friendly  🔸  Cat Friendly 🔸  Kid Friendly 🔸 Last Weigh-in 2.9 lbs

Kennedy’s Story

Kennedy here. Myself, my mother (Elena) and my siblings Ruth Bader, O’connor & Ginsberg were the newest and tiniest members of Streetdog Foundation in 2019. We were living outside of abandoned house. A nice man alerted Streetdog about us after he picked up two of us. The traffic was very heavy in this area. Us little ones were only born around 12/6/2018. We were teeny pups, hungry, lethargic, wounded and full of worms. We were rushed to the vet’s office to receive the care we needed! I was the run coming in at less than 3 pounds and I was filled with the usual intestinal parasites. Proud to say we are healthy and feeling much better!

Now that we are Streetdogs we are so excited to find homes of our very own!

On Tuesday (1/15/2019) we introduced you to our #sdfJusticePups, Ruth Bader, Ginsburg, and O’Connor. Today we are so happy to announce that, with the help of some very dedicated volunteers, we have found the last puppy! A few hours later, the Memphis Animal Services team was able to get mom and get her transferred over to us! Huge shout out to the Field Officer who was able to scoop her up and to Dani and Alexis for reaching out immediately to let us know we could come get our mama!

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