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Kurt - Foster Needed


Male - Dog Friendly - Cat Friendly - Kid Friendly

Kurt's Story

“Hi there! I'm Kurt, a 4 year old toy poodle mix just looking for love. A young college student found me rummaging through a dumpster behind a gas station. He didn't think I'd make it long, and scooped me up while calling a former teacher that he knew dealt with needy dogs such as myself. Soon, I was cleaned up and fed well, waiting for a home to call my own. The streets were hard on me at a young age, I've lost most of my teeth and have some slight blindness in one of my eyes, but that doesn't really slow me down any! I'm dog, cat, kid, adult and any creature friendly as long as there is enough hugs and pets and cuddles for me too! I like to go outside for walks and for rides in the car. I'm a happy boy, eager to please and to learn new things. I can't wait to meet all my new Streetdog Friends!”

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