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Leslie Knope



Leslie's Story

Leslie Knope is a sweet Labrador retriever mix who was on a local neighborhood’s radar for more than six months. She was hanging out in the same area relying on the good Samaritans who would put food and water out for her but she was always very sure to avoid any sort of capture or human contact. Recently Leslie Knope found herself pregnant and she knew with this new phase in her life she was going to need some sort of help so she finally gave in to a lady that had been watching her and feeding her for months.

She started hanging out in a backyard when they would leave the gate open and slowly invited people to get close enough to pet and eventually loop her on a leash. Our Doc has examined her and found that overall she’s pretty healthy, heart worm negative and very timid with humans. But she’s warming up a little every day. She passed our dog and cat friendly tests with flying colors and went to a foster home to await the arrival of her babies.

On August 19th Leslie gave birth to 8 puppies. Sadly, due to what Doctor Williams thinks was an infection in her uterus, 4 of these precious babies were born having already passed over the rainbow bridge.

We are heartbroken for sweet Leslie. Thankfully, 4 puppies appear strong and are doing very well, as is Mama Leslie. We named them after the rest of the Parks and Recreation gang: April Ludgate, Ann Perkins, Donna Meagle and Ron Swanson. Once they’re weaned, babies and mama will be ready to go to forever homes.

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