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Lexie's Story

“I was wandering around an unfamiliar neighborhood. I heard a whistle and a lady calling me to her. I was nervous and scared at first, but she had food for me so I slowly approached her. Once I was in her reach, she spoke calmly and gently as she petted and rubbed my head. I started to eat the food she had. She thought I was pregnant because my nipples were enlarged and my belly was a bit bigger than my body, so she brought me inside to stay the night. I felt very comfortable and safe after about an hour of sniffing the place out. The nice lady made me a comfy bed to sleep on and I curled right up at bedtime and had the best, most comfortable, safe/secure sleep I’d had in a very long time.

Fast forward—the lady started thinking maybe I wasn’t pregnant after all and scheduled me to be spayed at Spay Memphis. I received my spay surgery, all vaccinations, and got a heart worm test. When the nice lady came to pick me up, the clinic confirmed I was not pregnant, but most likely had had a litter a few months back. They also confirmed that I was heart worm positive. The sweet lady wanted to help me get adopted, but she knew that I had to get treatment for the heart worms before any group would help get me adopted. She knew she could not afford the treatment on her own, so she reached out to Streetdog Foundation and asked for help. A lot of wonderful people have donated money to help get me treated and I am in the middle of treatment to kill these awful worms living inside me so that I can find my forever home!”

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