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Female 🔸 Cat Friendly  🔸  Kid Friendly  🔸  Prefers to be the Only Pup  🔸   Crate Trained 🔸   Last Weigh-in 47.8 lbs

Foster Update October 2019: Luna is leash and crate trained. She does well in a car and is affectionate and gentle. Luna is obedience trained and is eager to please and “work” for her treats. She likes toys and is slightly active. As Luna is getting a little older, she has mild arthritis in her back legs. She has some days that she loves her walks and playing, some days she doesn't feel like doing anything. She's happy to hang out watching a movie or play ball, all she really wants is to be with her human. She gets anxious with storms, if she is with her human she is fine, otherwise she likes to be secured in her crate. Luna remains GREAT with children, however, older kids who are more understanding of her arthritis would be a better fit.  She does ok with cats but still prefers to be the only pup.  

Luna's Story

"I was wandering around a gas station, cold, starving, and very scared. I couldn't understand why no one seemed to notice me. A very nice lady stopped to get gas, she looked kind so I followed her around trying to show her I really was a good girl. The nice lady bought me some food and when she opened her car door I jumped right in and asked her to please take me with her. She took me to the vet and got me all checked out, Doc says I was born around January 2009 and have had some puppies. I'm now in a wonderful foster home, it's warm, with lots of food and cuddle time. I'm learning so many new things. I sit patiently for my treats, and my inside manners are coming naturally. My foster mom says I give the sweetest kisses. I'd love to meet you and show you what a sweet girl I am! I'd make a  wonderful addition to your family, if I do say so myself!!

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Bedtime stories with Luna. 😚 #sdfLuna #adoptable #bedtimestories

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