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Martin's Story

Update from Martin’s foster as on 7/11/18 - “his mange is completely gone and he’s put on about 10 pounds since his rescue. Walks and stuffed toys are his favorite things in the world! He is just the sweetest, cuddliest boy, and just wants to be in the presence of people! He makes the most wonderful “porch pup” and is so full of love. He does require exercise and enrichment to keep him happy! “

In late January I was dodging traffic on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and now I'm living the good life, safe and warm indoors at the greatest vet's office in the entire world. 

I’ve got a pretty bad case of demodex mange but getting lots of meds and medicated scrubby baths to help my skin start healing. I’ve got to have surgery on my eyelid and I’m getting neutered (that sounds super scary but all my new Streetdog friends assure me it is no big deal!) 

I’m about 1.5 years old and my favorite thing in the world is belly rubs. Right now I just do lots of sleeping and eating to try to gain weight and let my body heal. Meeting new people is always so much fun for me and soon I’ll get to meet dogs and kitty cats too to see what sort of home I will be a best fit for! I can’t wait for all of the new things in my life coming up. 

Medical Update

2/5/18: Martin is the sweetest boy ever! He had gone through 3 scrubby, medicated baths, has gotten neutered and has been getting spayed with medication daily for a while now. He developed some seromas from his neuter (pockets of fluid from blood vessels and inflammatory fluid post surgery, which can happen sometimes) and is doing well after that, thanks to some amazing vet care! He has one more scrubby bath next week, since he still has some crusties, especially on his head. He is taking lots of medications to treat his mange and is definitely looking and feeling better. 

3/1/18: Martin is doing well in his foster home! He is tolerating his frequent baths with his foster and shouldn't need any more scrubby, sedated baths. He is still on a lot of medications, but is much less itchy. Unfortunately, Martin's mange was pretty significant, so it is just going to take some time and TLC. And treats. Lots of treats.

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