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Mary Jane - On Adoption Trial


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Mary Jane's Story

Mary Jane is a part of the Marvel pup pack. One morning Streetdog volunteers were alerted to a litter of puppies that had been left next to a dumpster in downtown Memphis. We knew they were young and shouldn't have been separated from their mother, along with the fact that they were next to a trash dumpster that could have been emptied at any time! We scrambled to assemble a rescue team to find them as quickly is possible. Luckily we were able to get to them in time.

Unfortunately, every pup was diagnosed with Parvo, a nasty virus that is very hard on tiny puppy bodies. The prognosis looked grim for our litter but these pups have superpowers and they fought off the Parvo like the heroes they are! With some help from the team at Grace, of course. ;)

Mary Jane is now healthy and doing great in a foster home but looking for her forever home!

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