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Mason Ramsey - Foster Needed


Male  🔸  Dog Friendly  🔸 Last Weigh-in: 46.4 lbs

Mason Ramsey’s Story

Meet Mason Ramsey! Among the cutest and sweetest little pocket pitties ever!

Mason Ramsey was a fate rescue. Streetdog contacted Memphis Animal Services to offer help after they had picked up 40 neglected German Shepard's in a Memphis area home. MAS asked if we could also help with a pocket pittie who was in need of serious medical care. While we typically rescue pups straight from the streets of Memphis, this boy clearly needed us and we needed him! So while we were picking up Nysa & Xena we scooped up (gently) this little treasure!

Mason was hit by a car and had an open fracture on his right ulna. The fracture had lots of splintering and was very close to his joint so surgery would be tricky. June 13th he had an orthopedic plate placed into his leg to allow to properly heal. In addition to his leg trauma Mason came in heartworm positive which we will treat as soon doc determines he is healthy enough.

In the meantime our volunteers are learning how precious this boy. Pups have an unparalleled resilience and forgiveness of past treatment and trauma and this boy is no exception. Welcome to your new life Mason Ramsey!

See Mason Ramsey's arrival at our vet's office after being picked up from MAS HERE.

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