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Megan Barkle - On Adoption Trial


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Megan Barkle's Story

Meet your royal pupness, Megan Barkle!

She shines with love and has the heart of a lion. Megan Barkle has been through quite an ordeal recently and is recovering with all of the grace and poise of a royal princess pup - so we thought her name fit her perfectly.

Megan is about 4 years old, a Staffordshire/adorable mutt mix, and just recently went through a large 4lb tumor removal on one of her back legs. Megan's former family couldn't give her the vet care she needed and frantically searched for help. One fateful night she ended up in the loving arms of a vet tech an a local emergency center here in Memphis. Well that vet tech contacted us, and the rest is history.

Megan's tumor came back benign, and she is completely in the clear. She is heavy heartworm positive and has started treatment for that. She loves kids of all sizes, is good with cats and other dogs. She is doing a little R&R for now post op and during heartworm treatment but will bounce back in no time at all!

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