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Male  🔸  Kid Friendly  🔸  Not a Fan of Kitties  🔸  House Broken - Last Weigh-in 77.0 lbs

Foster Update: “Milton is SUPER chill!  He loves to be outside, but doesn't want a long walk. He prefers to lay out on the porch in the sun.  He is very smart and will do just about anything for a treat. He is VERY food motivated!  He loves all humans, young and old, large and small. He is particular about dogs. So, I haven't had him around very many.”
More about him from his foster: Not very active, Leash trained, Does well in a car, Obedient, Affectionate, Gentle & Goofy

Milton's Story

Milton was dumped into someone's backyard who unfortunately had no means to keep him. So he was then transferred to a local emergency center here in Memphis where his time was running out. Milton was abandoned underweight, sickly with a severely injured foot. So the founders of Streetdog Foundation were contacted and updated on his situation. And we did what we do best...swoop into the rescue! 

Milton was transferred to our vet where it was determined that his front leg had too much nerve damage and had to be amputated. He is also heavy heart worm positive and will undergo treatment for that as well once he recovers from surgery. Milton is an absolute rockstar and won't be letting anything hold him down. He's recovering at our vet right now but will be ready for a foster soon to help him down his road to wellness. Welcome to the best club around buddy we are thrilled to be here with you every step of the way to finding your forever home!

Milton enjoys short walks and LONG naps.  He is super sweet and love to snuggle.

Medical Update

2/16/18: Over the last several months, we’ve noticed that Milton’s amputation has really affected his mobility. We’ve had a few dogs who have gone through this surgery and do well with getting around but Milton seems to really struggle. This is why we have chosen to get our sweet boy some new wheels! As supporters of our mission, you know that we do whatever is needed for our pups no matter what it takes. They’re our family and we will always be their biggest advocates. At 3 years old, Milton has a lot of living to do and we don’t want him restricted by his mobility. A new set of custom wheels will allow him to move in comfort.

4/8/18: Milton got his wheels! Today we fitted Milton for his new cart. 💜 He was such a good boy and learned so fast! Stay tuned for more photos and videos!


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