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Female - Dog Friendly - Cat Friendly

Born: Approx 9/2016

Moana's Story

In mid-September we were alerted to a group of dogs living behind a downtown business. A kind group of MLGW drivers were feeding this pack that included a pregnant female, an adult male, and a young pup that we think is from mama's last litter. 

After over 48 hours we were able to get Momma (Moana) and her pup (Kala). Moana has a severe case of mange, heavy heart worms and she also has a tick-borne disease called, Ehrlichia. The biggest surprise of all...she was pregnant! Just a week after rescue Moana gave birth to four puppies that will never know a life on the streets.

Moana is slowly getting her strength back and she is just the best mama to her babies!

Medical Update

2/1/2018 Moana is still staying at Grace while she finishes up heartworm treatment. She is going a little stir crazy, but Doc said that strict crate rest is what is best for her right now, and poor Moana just wants to zoom around like a crazy, puppy-free mama finally! We feel ya, Moana! But it's best for her to stay with the Grace staff for now until the risk of a clot going to her heart or lungs is 100% gone, so Doc can keep a close eye on her. Her last xray showed a lot of worms in her lungs and it was causing her to cough a lot with any activity, which is persisting. Soon, she will be back with her foster and foster sister in tip top shape, living the puppy-free, mama life! Until then, we are thankful for Doc and his staff that always look out for our pups! Keep Moana in your thoughts and send her all the good healing, anti-heartworm juju!


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