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Female  🔸   Dog Friendly  🔸  Last Weigh-in: 51.4 lbs

Nysa’s Story

WELCOME NEWBIE: NYSA (meaning “a new beginning”)

Nysa is one of our rescued German Shepherd Dogs from the terrible hoarding case here in Memphis. We knew going in that we wanted to help save a dog with a difficult medical case that others may not consider. When our friends at Memphis Animal Services told us that there was a dog that had chewed off her own tail from the stress of being locked in her crate, we knew we had to help her.

After a full examination this week Doc determined that Nysa’s left rear leg has limited mobility from an old injury (she has a large scar on this leg). Her pelvis also has an old injury (this can be seen in the X-rays) possibly from being hit by a car. Doc said that Nysa doesn’t seem bothered by it and because they are old injuries, the best thing to do is make her comfortable and give her supplements that will help her movement. She was also shot with bb pellets and birdshot from a shotgun (the small dots on the X-rays) 😭😭😭

She also had a dental exam June 11th, and she needed one bottom incisor pulled. Doc cleaned her tail to help it heal, but it’s possible he will need to correct the end while she is spayed. Doc wants her to gain some weight before clearing her for surgery.

Now our job is to help her heal both inside and outside with all the love and treats a girl can handle! You would not believe what a sweet dog she is after all she has been through. Please send love and prayers to Nysa. 💜💛

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