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Paisley's story

On January 11th, while searching for another dog in need our volunteers came across Paisley. She had a collar badly embedded in her neck so we rushed her to the doc to get that taken care of. Then we rushed her back out because she was nursing and we knew she had babies out there!

When our volunteers brought new mom Paisley to look for her babies, she walked them a block and a half to a house and began to cry. Some neighbors came out and pointed us to the left side of the house to indicate where the puppies were. But here’s the remarkable thing...Paisley had given birth to her babies in another location and for whatever reason determined that it wasn’t right for them. The neighbors witnessed her put them all on a blanket and move the entire family together to under the house! 

So, under the house is where all her babies were and she crawled right down there and began nursing them. Once they were all fed, our volunteers pulled away siding on the house to bring them to safety. And just in time, too, as Memphis was about to be hit with sleet and snow.

Paisley's neck is healing nicely and she is feeding the pups all on her own, eating TONS, and is being sweet to all the staff who is handling her and her puppies.

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