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Pawl Simon - On Adoption Trial


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Pawl’s Story

"We are Pawl Simon and Bart Garfunkle - playmates who had a family once, but when they no longer wanted us, they took us to a local dog park and dropped us there and left. After searching for them for a couple of hours, we finally ran into a very nice man who had a big dog of his own. This man took us both home and got us all cleaned up and took us to the vet to get checked out. We are glad that someone found us, and happy to be spending time in a foster home together. We would love to live together in our forever home, but our friendship is strong enough to know that we are different pups and like different things, so if separate homes with occasional playdates is what is best for us, we are cool with that too!

I'm just a little yorkie guy, weighing in at a healthy 7lbs. I've been around the block a time or two, as Doc estimates my age at about 10 years old. My play mate and I love spending time together and playing, but my all time favorite thing to do is to nap anywhere on anything that is fluffy like a soft bed. I'm all up to date on my shots, neutered, microchipped and healthy as can be, other than I have no teeth. But that doesn't stop me at all from chowing down on a yummy meal. I like to go for short walks and car rides too. Dogs, cats and kids are all groovy in my book, but I do like a calmer environment overall. Can't wait to meet my awesome forever family that I just know is out there!"

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