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Peanut Butter



Female - Kid Friendly 

Peanut Butter's Story

PB was found roaming around a parking lot looking for scraps before Streetdog took her in. After a long treatment for heartworms and hookworms, she’s finally ready to find her forever home! Her fosters say that she’s just so happy all the time! They’ve never seen her not wanting to be loved or moody around people. PB loves to lie around in the sun and snuggle up with her family. She loves to play outside, chew on bones, and play with her toys! She’s crate and potty trained.

One day last Spring I was roaming around the MIFA parking lot looking for scraps when two girls called me over. They started playing with me and it was so fun! One of them put me in this crazy moving thing and took me to her house where she gave me some dog food (I don't think I'd had that before!) and water, which was awesome because I was so thirsty. Then she took me to the vet where they told me I had hookworms, heartworms, and was going into heat. The girl told me it was going to be ok, that she'd fix me and I could stay with her and her husband while I got well. I'm all better now and I've learned to be a good house dog. I like sun batheing, Nylabones, and snuggles--especially snuggles. Wanna snuggle with me forever??

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