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Piglet - On Adoption Trial


Female - Dog Friendly - Kid Friendly - Not a Fan of Kitties 


Piglet's story: "Me and my closest fleas were wandering down the street dragging the latest in 10ft long chain link fashion! I was really sick and tired, but these nice people spent some time giving me a few treats. After that, the big one picked me up and put me in his car and took me to his house. There my new friends gave me some flea medicine which got rid of all my thousands of fleas, it took a couple of days, but the itching finally went away. We then went on a car ride again and I got a bunch of shots and even got a cool tattoo on my belly! Life kinda settled down for a bit, I got to go on walks, play with the other dogs, I even got to play with that cat thing...I don't think the cat liked me very much. My parents had to take me back to the vet's office a couple of times to get rid of my heart worms, but now I'm healthy as can be.

I'm about 1.5 years old. I love to play with other dogs, all humans, and even kids. But sometimes I get super excited and can't control my booty shakes so I have been known to knock into things with it. I'm currently in a foster home with other dogs including Cosmo, who is also a new Streetdog looking for his forever family. We are living the good life. I get to go on car rides, walks, and even have my very own kennel and bed to hang out in when my fosters aren't home. I don't mind it at all. Cats are a no go though unless they love to play chase. I don't want to eat them but I love to chase them around and around!! I can't wait find my forever family!"

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