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Pony Boy


Male  🔸  Dog Friendly  🔸  Kid Friendly   🔸 House Broken 🔸 Crate Trained 🔸   Cat Friendly  🔸 Latest Weigh-in 81.4 lbs

Foster Update: “Pony Boy is a silly, playful explorer. He loves, loves, loves his toys, and he is constantly either playing with one or looking for one. He does not like the crate and is quite the escape artist, however, if he can't escape in the first 5 or 10 minutes, he will settle in just fine. He loves his brother Dallas and follows him around everywhere, although he is more independent than Dallas in regards to his need for human interaction. He seeks to please and is quick to snuggle, but he's also fine with sitting on his bed, in the floor, playing with a toy. "

A little more from his foster: Pony Boy is Leash trained, does well in a car, likes toys, he's obedient, playful, affectionate, gentle & goofy. He is good with farm animals and would prefers a companion animal. i.e. his brother :-)

Pony Boy’s Story

I'm Pony Boy, and my brother Dallas and I were a part of a litter of puppies that Streetdog Foundation rescued in 2011. Our litter was called "The Outsiders". We were about 8 weeks old at the time and we were stuck in a ditch in the East Memphis area. Once we were all healed, we were adopted together by a couple and have lived with them ever since. Unfortunately for us, the family dynamic changed and we are now back with Streetdog Foundation looking for a new home. We will consider going to different places but we have been together our whole lives and would really like to find a foster and/or forever home together where we can continue to thrive and play as brothers! We are also very welcoming of other pups and people and kids as well.

Overall Dallas and I are healthy, just a little heart broken. We enjoy spending time outside, playing fetch, getting lots of puppy pets and cuddles, and being a part of a family. We both know a few tricks as well, so if you are interested in meeting us, we can show you and will certainly charm you like the good pups we are!

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