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Ranger - Foster Needed


Male - Dog Friendly

Ranger needs a foster! Would you like to open your home to a dog in need? Head to our foster page to get started!

Ranger’s Story

Ranger, like most of the other Streetdogs in this crew, had an unfortunate beginning with some people who didn't care enough about him to give him the life he deserved. They let him runaround outdoors in a busy area of town and when it was time for them to move, they didn't want to take this sweet boy with them. Luckily, he followed a Streetdog foster home from a walk one day. He willingly opened his home and heart to Ranger and promised him that he would help Ranger find the best home ever. Since that day Ranger's life has started looking up. Ranger is about 1. He is happy, healthy, VERY well trained, great on walks and great with other dogs. He shares his home with #sdfRomeo and several other pups. He loves to play, go for walks, and snuggle with pups and humans. Oh and he loves to smile, smiling is his favorite. He is in search of the perfect place to call home and is more than ready to open up his heart to his new forever family!

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