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Riley Kate


Female 🔸 Dog Friendly  🔸  House Broken

Riley Kate's Story

"I was wandering along the side of the interstate one morning when a nice lady pulled over and tried to get me to come with her. I was a little shy at first but the lady had some chicken, and I was so hungry that I couldn't resist. She set some of the chicken inside of her car, and I decided I could trust her so I hopped in! I am so glad I did because now I am enjoying staying in my foster home with my 2 foster parents and my foster sister dog. 

I am about 1 year old and I love hanging out with other dogs, I'm housetrained and I like car rides, fetch, and the sunshine. I'm a little shy when you first meet me, but my foster parents are helping me work through that I am learning everyday that most humans are kind and trustworthy! I take great cues from my furry foster sibling and would love a place with another pup. For now, I will be resting and healing but will update you all again soon!"

Medical Update

4/19/18: Riley Kate has been to the vet, gotten her shots and is in the middle of heart worm treatment. She's feeling pretty yucky now but soon will be back to 100%. She was also a little thin from living on the streets so she's in the process of gaining a few pounds to meet her goal weight of 55lbs.

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