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Ruth Bader - On Adoption Trial


Female  🔸 Dog Friendly  🔸  Cat Friendly 🔸  Kid Friendly Last Weigh-in 10.8 lbs

Ruth Bader’s Story

“Ruth Bader here. Myself and my siblings Ginsberg & O’connor are the newest and tiniest members of Streetdog Foundation. A nice man and his coworker found us outside their work near an abandoned house. The traffic was very heavy in this area and we are only about 5 weeks old, our mom is nowhere to be found at the moment but some great volunteers are diligently searching for her and have promised to do their very best to bring her to us safely! We are teeny pups, hungry, lethargic, wounded and full of worms, and have been rushed to the vet’s office to receive the care we need. The search continues for our mom and we are resting comfortably for now but will check back in with you soon to give all of you the latest update on our medical status and needs. “

Update: On January 16th a Memphis Animal Services team was able to get mom and get her transferred over to us! Huge shout out to the Field Officer who was able to scoop her up. #sdfElena along with the third sibling #sdfKennedy are now safe!

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