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Female 🔸 Kid Friendly  🔸  Prefers to be the Only Pup  🔸   Not a Fan of Kitties 🔸 House Broken 🔸 Crate Trained

I was found wandering the roads with my Shepherd friend. We had been looking all over for food and couldn't find any. We hadn't had much to eat in a longtime and I was so hungry that I finally laid down in the pavilion of Overton Park about to give up. I saw this person sit down with his dogs and that dog looked so happy, he was getting plenty of water, treats, and love from his owner. I picked up my head and the man saw me and called out to me, but I got scared. I was really nervous but then he took out something that smelled so good I could not resist it. I went over and gobbled it right up. He kept producing this yummy food all the way to his house where we went inside. We were out of the heat and he fed my shepherd friend and I both our first good meal in weeks. We are hanging out here until we find our forever homes!I am crate trained, potty trained, and have even learned how to sit and stay for treats. Cats and strange dogs make me a little too excited but I am so ready to meet my forever family! Could that be you?

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