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Sir Walter Scott - On Adoption Trial


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Sir Walter Scott's Story

“Good day to you all. I am Sir Walter Scott and it is a pleasure to meet you all. I would love to tell you all a little about myself. I spent a good bit of time homeless, wandering streets on my own. One day, I saw a group of dogs and they were attached to a tall man and they looked very happy with their lives. I observed them from afar for a while, and decided to head on over and find out what they were doing walking that human all around the neighborhood. All of the dogs were super nice and told me that if I turn on my cute charm and flash my sad eyes the man would pick me up and take me home. "Home" sounded like a cool new adventure so I really turned the charm on and sure enough, the man scooped me up and off we went. 
Once I was home, I got my very own bed, bowls, collar and leash. It turns out, I am made for the indoor life. I love to play with my foster friends but my absolute favorite is a good, never-ending belly rub. I am about 3 years old and have been told that I am some sort of Puggle Mix (Pug and beagle) I have gotten all of my shots, and got neutered and microchipped. I weigh about 20lbs soaking wet and Doc says that is the biggest I will get (unless you give me even more treats than I already get because I'm so super cute 😉) I love to be the center of attention around all people, and would love to share a home with any dogs, cats, or kids you may have! If you would like to add me to your life permanently, please click on over to the adoption page and fill out an application!”

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