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Squishy - On Adoption Trial


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Squishy’s Story

Hi! My name is Sir Melrose Falcor Valentino the Squish, but my friends just call me Squishy. I was wandering around ​midtown ​in February looking for someone to be my Valentine. A nice lady spotted me and talked so ​sweet to me ​that ​I just flipped on my back with joy and excitement! She showed me a thing called a leash and I stuck my head right in it and followed her home. She couldn’t believe how good I was on a leash, but being a good boy is kinda my thing.

​T​he nice lady took me to the vet to get me checked out. I had never been in a car before, so it was a little scary getting in, but I was brave and it turned out to be so much fun! The nice lady was very happy when the vet said I was heartworm negative. The vet said I did have some worms in my tummy, an ear infection, and some skin issues, but I got medicine and feel SO much better already. I’m a little over a year old, neutered, ​up-to-date on vaccinations, ​microchipped, and currently weigh about 55 pounds, but i need to gain a few more pounds to get up to my ideal healthy weight.

Everyone tells me I’m such a sweet boy, and I have to agree with them. I am a gentle giant that loves snuggles. And I’ve loved everything and everyone I’ve met so far – ladies, guys, kids, ​and ​other doggos​.​ I've met a few cats too, and they are a bit too exciting for me, I'll probably do best in a home that doesn't have those. I am eager to please and very intelligent as well. I even learned how to "sit" on request in a matter of minutes and I can't wait to learn more things to show you guys! I am officially adoptable and on the hunt for the perfect forever family!

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