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Stan Lee


Male  🔸  Kid Friendly   🔸   Cat Friendly  🔸  Latest Weigh-in: 59.4 lbs

Stan Lee’s Story

"I've spent most of my 2 years of life, roaming and running and taking shelter and eating scraps where I could find them. One day, I was doing some long distance running when some nice ladies spotted me and asked if I would like a ride. I thought to myself, ""why not, adventures are fun!"" So I went with them and they took me to some neighbors who have rescued dogs in the past. I got to meet their six dogs and their kitty cat and we were all instant buddies. So when they decided that I could stay with them I was super excited! Now I get to eat 2 full meals a day, sleep inside, play with new friends, and get human cuddles whenever I want. They are always telling me that I am such a good boy - and that makes me so happy inside. My foster family is just the best!

I've been practicing walks on a leash and it's much different than my solo long distance running days, but that's OK, I'm getting the hang of it! I also really like car rides too! Outside time is good, but the best part is when I get to come inside and sleep in a warm bed in my very own crate. I've done a lot of great decorating in there to really make it my own ya know?! ;)

I've been going to a place called the vet - kinda scary - but pretty cool too because they have fixed me up and made sure that I am in tip top health so I can start looking for a family to adopt me! I'm neutered, vaccinated, heartworm negative and ready to start attending adoption events and meeting new friends!"

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