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Sweetie Petey - Foster Needed


Male  🔸 Dog Friendly  🔸  Kid Friendly  🔸 House Broken 🔸 Crate Trained 🔸  Cat Friendly 🔸  Last Weigh-in 53.0 lbs

Foster Update: “Sweetie Petey is a big and strong, but super affectionate and eager-to-please boy. He does best when able to free-run in a fenced area or when walked on a regular basis, along with regular mental stimulation. Beyond that, his energy level is moderate, while his desire for companionship is very high. He is such a lover and needs lots of snuggles! That being said, he does exceptionally well on his own, crated or closed in our mudroom, even for extended periods of time when necessary. He loves other dogs and socializes well at daycare and other environments when he is off the leash. His best friend is a 20 lb. Lhasa Apso Mix named Sophie, but he also plays well with his other 40 lb. and 65 lb. foster siblings.  Petey has been known to exhibit anxiety when meeting new dogs and people while leashed, but is responding beautifully to behavior modification training. Overall, Petey is very food-motivated and learns quickly. Petey will do best in a household comfortable with large dogs where he will get lots of love and attention. He will do perfectly well with a family with a regular working schedule as long as time can be dedicated to him when family members are home. Potential adopters should plan to continue his puppy training and allow time for Petey to become comfortable in his new environment. With time, he will surely establish a uniquely deep bond with his new people. “

More about him from his foster: Moderately active, Leash trained, Does well in a car, Likes to fetch, Likes toys, Playful, Affectionate & Goofy

Sweetie Petey's Story

"I was adopted as a puppy but thrown out onto the street after I became full-grown. Life on the streets was hard. I lost a lot of weight and became sick with worms. Just as my energy was about to run out, I found some nice people at Shred Shop of Memphis who fed me their lunch scraps. Too tired and weak to go on, and happy for some human companionship, I decided to hunker down there. After a few days, a lady working nearby heard about me and came to see me. She called to me and, with the little strength I had left, I went to her and immediately snuggled into her arms. So happy for love and warmth, I didn't even care when she took me to the vet and got me all my vaccinations and ProHeart injection (heartworm preventative for six months). After that, she took me home where I am now being fostered. I was really sick at first transitioning to good dog food and recovering from worms. 

My birth date is about 4/22/2017. I am a really happy, healthy boy. I am heartworm negative and my intestinal worms are all gone. I have gained weight and my coat is even shiny. I love playing and interacting with my foster's other dogs and even cats. But more than anything in the whole world, I LOVE TO SNUGGLE. And I love learning! I know sit, lay down, stay, and fetch. I rarely jump on people anymore, I don't get on the furniture, and I'm even learning to stay out of certain rooms. In six weeks of getting love and food regularly in my new foster life, I am starting to feel more secure and am getting better at self-entertaining. Now that I've been fixed, I am ready to find my forever home. I love my foster family, but with three other dogs in my foster house, I am looking for a forever family who can dedicate more time and space for my development. To my future family, I want to say that I am sweet, gentle, playful, submissive, smart, and eager to please. I promise I will you love you forever. "

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