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Sweetie Petey - Foster Needed


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Sweetie Petey's Story

"I was adopted as a puppy but thrown out onto the street after I became full-grown. Life on the streets was hard. I lost a lot of weight and became sick with worms. Just as my energy was about to run out, I found some nice people at Shred Shop of Memphis who fed me their lunch scraps. Too tired and weak to go on, and happy for some human companionship, I decided to hunker down there. After a few days, a lady working nearby heard about me and came to see me. She called to me and, with the little strength I had left, I went to her and immediately snuggled into her arms. So happy for love and warmth, I didn't even care when she took me to the vet and got me all my vaccinations and ProHeart injection (heartworm preventative for six months). After that, she took me home where I am now being fostered. I was really sick at first transitioning to good dog food and recovering from worms. 

Now, after a rough first 10 months of life, I am a really happy, healthy boy. I am heartworm negative and my intestinal worms are all gone. I have gained weight and my coat is even shiny. I love playing and interacting with my foster's other dogs and even cats. But more than anything in the whole world, I LOVE TO SNUGGLE. And I love learning! I know sit, lay down, stay, and fetch. I rarely jump on people anymore, I don't get on the furniture, and I'm even learning to stay out of certain rooms. In six weeks of getting love and food regularly in my new foster life, I am starting to feel more secure and am getting better at self-entertaining. Now that I've been fixed, I am ready to find my forever home. I love my foster family, but with three other dogs in my foster house, I am looking for a forever family who can dedicate more time and space for my development. To my future family, I want to say that I am sweet, gentle, playful, submissive, smart, and eager to please. I promise I will you love you forever. "

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