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Idgie - On Adoption Trial


Female 🔸 Dog Friendly  🔸 House Broken 🔸 Crate Trained

Idgie and Ruth are a bonded pair and would need to be adopted/fostered together. 

Idgie's Story

"I am Idgie, part of the dynamic Yorkie duo "Idgie and Ruth." Recently we found ourselves in a precarious situation in Memphis with several other Yorkie pals. Our hair was matted and we were scared, but we had each other so we knew we could face anything. Some people in the rescue community came to our rescue though and the two of us were lucky enough to find a place in Streetdog Foundation. We got to meet the wonderful Docs, techs, and groomer and got all checked up.

We are about 3 years old, and in excellent health otherwise. We've been vetted, spayed and microchipped and have landed the best foster home, where we can be together. We are really starting to trust our human fosters and our individual personalities are coming out. We are sisters, and we might like some different things here and there, but at the end of the day, we love to curl up and snuggle together.

So for now, we will continue to soak in the good life with our fosters until that perfect forever family comes along to help us out."

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