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Frida Kahlo - On Adoption Trial


Female 🔸 Dog Friendly  🔸 House Broken 🔸 Crate Trained

Friday Kahlo's Story

One of our volunteers witnessed a beautiful dog get pummeled by a vehicle. She stopped and rescued her and upon arrival at Grace, it was quickly discovered that she was a nursing mother. Unfortunately, her extensive injuries needed immediate attention so we could not take her back to look for puppies. Instead, we gathered our amazing volunteers and together we searched well after dark. It should be noted that the area we were in was not safe and we were told by many of the residents that we should not be there.

We started the search again at 4 AM the next morning and still couldn't hear or see puppies. By mid-morning, we became desperate and with the approval of our vet, we took Mama out in a heavy duty wagon. We hoped she'd give us some indication of where her puppies were located but she did not. Feeling defeated, we continued for several more hours, leaving cards, our phone numbers and talking to everyone we saw. That afternoon, we were advised by law enforcement that we were in danger and needed to leave the area. With sad hearts, we obliged. There's a very strong chance that our girl was dumped without her puppies but not knowing is the hardest part. We find some comfort in that she did not give us any indication they were in the area. We wheeled her everywhere!

We have named our newest mama Frida Kahlo. Yes, named after the iconic artist who was in a vehicular accident and went on to be absolutely remarkable. Our Frida will do the same!


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