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Tinker's Story

Hi I'm Tinker, tiniest, fully grown pup on Streetdog Foundation's roster!

I was trotting down a road and was not being very careful when I stepped out into the middle of the street in front of none other than Streetdog Foundation's co-founders van! I sure know how to pick them don't I! 😉

He stopped at called out to me an I came willingly. I was pretty hot, dirty and matted, indicating I have been on the streets for quite some time, but we knocked on some doors to try to find an owner anyways, just in case. None existed, so he scooped me up into the van and took me on the vet. I didn't have a microchip but I will soon! I got a cute new hair cut and I'm all set to be spayed and microchipped in the next few days.

I'm a 14 year old senior Morkie girl, (Maltese yorkie) with the sweetest eyes. I don't have many teeth and my tongue always hangs out of my mouth, making me the most adorable pup you've ever laid eyes on. But there are no medical complications because of it. I like to be held and I'm certain that i'm going to like my new foster home. I'll be meeting new pups, kitties and kids soon so we can know exactly what type of home will be best for me! Streetdog Foundation will keep you all up to date, I made them promise!

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