Pup Profiles

Toby - Foster Needed


Male - Cat Friendly -  Prefers to be the Only Pup

Toby needs a foster

Toby is a sweet older man who likes to pretend he is a cinnamon roll, is an expert at the zoomies, and loves grill cheese, peanut butter and cheese burgers.

Why you should love him: 
- He loves to nap… seriously… it is what he does 90% of the time
- He doesn’t need walks, back yards are fine for his lazy man
- He is ADORABLE and has the best grin
- He is potty trained and crate trained (crates aren’t his favorite but a kong with peanut butter can win him over)
- He likes kitty cats

Other pups stress him out so he'd prefer to be an only dog. If you can open your home to Toby, even for a short while, please head to our foster page for more information!

Toby's Story

Toby spent most of his life living on a chain and walking on a hard surface. One day he was wandering towards a busy intersection when a good Samaritan spotted him and scooped him up. He had hookworms and heartworms but he’s been treated and is now a healthy happy boy!

Toby was born around 2011, so he’s well past the puppy stage and has lots of love to give! He gets along with kids and cats but prefers to be the only dog in the household.


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