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Male - Cat Friendly -  Prefers to be the Only Pup

Toby's Story

Toby spent most of his life living on a chain and walking on a hard surface. One day he was wandering towards a busy intersection when a good Samaritan spotted him and scooped him up. He had hookworms and heartworms but he’s been treated and is now a healthy happy boy!

Toby is a sweet older man who likes to pretend he is a cinnamon roll, is an expert at the zoomies, and loves grill cheese, peanut butter and cheese burgers.

Why you should love him: 
- He loves to nap… seriously… it is what he does 90% of the time
- He doesn’t need walks, back yards are fine for his lazy man
- He is ADORABLE and has the best grin
- He is potty trained and crate trained (crates aren’t his favorite but a kong with peanut butter can win him over)

He gets along with kids and cats but prefers to be the only dog in the household.


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