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Warren - On Adoption Trial


Male  🔸  Dog Friendly  🔸  Cat Friendly 🔸  Kid Friendly   🔸 Last Weigh-in 50.0 lbs

Warren’s Story

Warren here. I’m another #sdfJusticePups and I was rescued on February 12th, 2019. I join my siblings: Ruth Bader, Ginsburg, and O’Connor. I’ve been living solo on the streets the last few weeks so I’m pretty skinny but loaded with worms which make my belly round. Thankfully, I’m starting on meds to get me feeling better soon. I also got to have a reunion with #sdfGinsburg. We were both excited to meet up and I’m so glad she will be around to help me adjust to my new life off the streets. Stay tuned for more updates about me and my family until I can find a forever family of my own.

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