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Wayne - On Adoption Trial


Male  🔸  Dog Friendly  🔸  Cat Friendly 🔸  Kid Friendly 🔸 House Broken   Last Weigh-in- 27.0 lbs


Foster Update 1-26-19: “Wherever there’s a Rudy, there’s a Wayne. We love this perfect sweetheart. He is starting to come around slowly with us (Hooman parents), and is absolutely in love with Rudy. He is Rudy’s little shadow and they are so sweet with each other. It melts my heart. This sweet boy will do great in a home with a furry best friend and hoomans who are patient and realize it takes time to gain his trust. And did I mention he is potty trained?! He’s such a perfect little pupper “

Foster Update 1-13-19 - #sdfWayne is the cutest, sweetest boy. He is very very shy and fearful of humans, but is slowly coming around. Right now he CLINGS to my two dogs. He follows them everywhere. I feed Wayne in his crate and my dogs in the laundry room and when Wayne finishes eating he runs around the house crying searching for my dogs and doesn’t settle until they’re out of the laundry room. I think he would do great in a family that has another dog or dogs. He’s pretty low energy for a puppy and not overwhelming for my dogs. He plays with them some but mostly just likes their company. Right now I’m just working on gaining his trust and helping him not be so afraid of people.

Hi new friends! I'm Wayne. My mom's a shepherd mix and I've never met my dad, so basically I'm a super adorable young Memphis mutt. A few weeks ago i was out for a stroll with my mom, #sdfcarolinagrace and we came across a cool dude who offered us food, shelter, love and warmth. My mom and I have always lived on the streets on my own, so we were a little skeptical at first, but he shook that bowl full of kibble a few good times, and that was all it took to convince us. Mom said it was ok, so we followed him inside a building that turned out to be a vet's office! 
Its been a crazy fun time learning all about being a good inside pup, learning about leash walking, car riding and sleeping in warm cozy beds. Our vet friends got us all taken care of medically and now have teamed up with Streetdog Foundation to help find us foster and forever homes. I can't wait to meet you all!

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