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Wednesday Addams - On Adoption Trial


Female 🔸  Dog Friendly  🔸  Kid Friendly   🔸 Crate Trained 🔸 House Broken 🔸 Last Weigh-in 40.2 lbs

Foster Update: “Wednesday is great! Sometimes she needs some correction but she is always redirected easily. She has no food or toy aggression.  She’s a quick learner! She has learned to sit and to ring the bells when she wants to go outside. She sits while waiting to be served her meals or if she wants a treat. She loves to go for walks too. She’s a great cuddler and a very sweet pup. We never leave her in the backyard off leash due to not having the most secure fence in places and a low one, but she does her business just fine on leash in the yard or on a walk. She is quite protective of me and my home. She has a loud and tough bark. If she hears a noise she barks and runs around the house giving a warning. She loves chewing nylabones and ripping up soft toys! She sleeps in her bed every night with no issues. She’s such a sweet girl! “
More about her from her foster: Moderately active, Leash trained, Does well in a car, Likes toys, Obedient, Playful and Good with large & small dogs.

Wednesday’s Story

On Halloween 2018 we got a call from the Memphis Union Mission about a pup that had been hanging around. Our founder Mel swooped in and scooped her up before the ghosts and goblins came out for the night.

Since she was rescued on Halloween and a Wednesday we naturally named her Wednesday Addams!

She was underweight and will likely need some dental work. She was also heartworm positive, like so many dogs we find living on the streets. But like all our rescues she’s gotten the TLC she needs to get back in good health.

Click “Additional Info” below to see video of Wednesday’s rescue!

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