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Wilbur Wright - On Adoption Trial



Wilbur Wright's Story

 A good Samaritan picked up Wilbur and his brother Orville (who had been abandoned at 2 week old) and attempted to bottle feed and nurse them to health, but they just didn't want to take a bottle and were showing some pretty serious signs of breathing issues. After being contacted about them, we just couldn't say no to more puppies so these boys came to us in pretty rough shape. They are in the best hands now.

Once they have been cleared and can get to a point of eating from a bottle, they will go to one of our fabulous bottle feeding volunteers who will work her Mama bear magic with them and help them grow big and strong!

Medical Update

4/19/18: Update on our newest, tiny additions to SDF! #sdfwilburwright and #sdforvillewright are in the care of our AMAZING, dedicated Doc currently. When they first came to us, we were unsure of their previous situation and took them in with little information. We knew that they were not taking a bottle at all and were crying in hunger. Unfortunately, our only nursing mama has 10 of her own pups and wasn't keen on taking in 2 more. So Doc has been toting them around with him and bottle feeding Wilbur and having to tube feed Orville, who is now occasionally taking a bottle. They are different ages, Wilbur is 4 weeks and Orville is 2 1/2 weeks. Orville continues to have some difficulty with feeding and we think might have a developmental issue, but Doc is on it (don't tell, but we think he is getting attached 😉)!

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