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Female đź”¸   Dog Friendly  Latest Weigh-in: 45.0 lbs

Willow’s Story

Medical Update: Willow has been spayed.

In late April a supporter made us aware of a pup that had been hit by a car and the driver was unable to pick her up. He tied her to a fence and left water. The dog was unable to move from the injuries sustained from impact. From there, pleas were sent out to help and as soon as we learned what had happened, our Foster Coordinator drove over immediately to help. Our friends at Memphis Animal Services had arrived just before us and transported the dog to the local emergency clinic. MAS agreed to turn the care of this beautiful girl over to.

The initial examination findings were;
🔸Road rash 
🔸Right leg fracture near her growth plate 
🔸Broken leg requiring a plate to fix 
🔸Potential lung clotting
🔸Labored breathing
🔸Air in her chest cavity 
🔸Multiple contusions

Willow had surgery on her leg on May 30th. The plan is to keep her on pain medication and restrict activity for 8 weeks. She still has blood in her lungs, so Doc feels most comfortable keeping her in his care for 4 weeks. We want to avoid her breathing hard and give her lungs a chance to heal. The strict rest will also prevent bending of the plate in her leg. As she begins to heal and feel better keeping her calm will become more challenging but hopefully she’ll be satisfied with visits and Kongs!

Once she is healed and healthy she will be ready for her forever home. Would you like to donate to her care? Click HERE.

See Willow’s full story & Facebook updates HERE

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