Charles - On Trial


I was hanging in a bush by the house and I saw a sweet white dog and the human who was walking her, so I tried my luck. I got up, and ran towards them. And to my surprise, she didn't run. She looked around not sure where I came from and knocked on some houses but I didn't have a home, so I followed her home. I sure know how to pick them, I followed them home about two blocks without a leash and to my surprise, the woman let me in her backyard. She told me at first I was only allowed in the fenced in area, but not inside the house...but I was young and I really wanted to spend time with someone who would love me like a pet. I wore her down with my cute puppy eyes and before I knew it, she let me in and I got my first meal and good night of sleep. The next day I went to the vet and he confirmed that I'm a growing puppy and that I don't have a home (no chip). The woman had hoped to find my owners, but the rust marks on my neck and my thin body make everyone think that I may have left for a reason...a second chance. I'm approximately 6 months and have been with my foster mom for a while now so I've learned so much like leash walking, crate training, potty training, fetch and other manners. I get along with others, love to play with grown ups, kids and other pups. I've never met a kitty cat before but I'm going to get tested out for that here soon too! If you are looking for your newest family member, then look no further, because I'm your boy!


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