4/20/17: Report from Jasmine's foster:
"Happy to report #sdfjasmine is doing so well! She struggled a bit with her first hw injection, but had her last two last week and is off anxiety and pain meds, so we're in the home stretch! She came back from Grace a brand new pup - joyful energy, a shiny and full coat, bright eyes, strong hind legs (they were so weak at first she struggled to hold herself up to pee), and THOSE EYES

3/28/17: Jasmine is continuing to do well in her foster home. She recently started heartworm treatment that has her feeling a bit yuck. Don't worry, though, her foster family is giving her lots of treats, snuggles and making sure she's getting lots of rest.

3/14/17: Jasmine just started heart worm treatment yesterday. She loves her people and follows her foster dad all over the house! She is super calm and laid back, and just a teeny tiny little girl!

2/22/17: Good news to share! Jasmine is now in her foster home and settling in nicely. We are still monitoring her GI activity closely. She's not out of the woods just yet. 
So far she loves learning the ropes from her foster sister Cleo, watching her foster dad (WHEREVER he is) from her mat, eating, treats, walks, and the couch. 

2/17/17: Our sweet Jasmine did well 72 hours following her surgery to remove the opossum late last week, but Sunday she started vomiting and producing very little stool. Her colon started backing up again so our wonderful doctors made the decision earlier this week to get back in there and fix her. She has a stricture right at her pelvis that initially opened up but now is causing this repeat problem. They cleaned out her colon then dilated it to see if she can pass things on her own. If not, we may be sending her to our friends at Mississippi State where they can reset inside pelvis and remove stricture. We will know more in the coming days.

2/10/17: Doc observed that Jasmine's swelling in her abdomen was increasing and he felt surgery late yesterday was imperative. He had to remove her uterus which was infected, but the biggest problem was her colon. It appears she ate a whole opossum(!) and the hair is causing a huge back up/impacted colon. They took out handfuls of hair and think she will (hopefully) pass the rest soon. She's not out of the woods yet. It breaks our hearts that she had to do anything to keep herself alive and is now having complications because of that.

2/8/17: Jasmine ate 2 whole cans of food yesterday and was starting to pass some of the bones. The swelling has gone down a bit in her abdomen as the gases and fluids are getting absorbed by the food. This swelling also had docs concerned she maybe had pyometra or endometriosis. We will have to wait a bit to see if she does have either. As for the smell, there is no parvo concern. Her diarrhea was just so bad that it was causing a very pungent odor to stick with her. The good news is, her energy level is up a bit and she's starting to seem more alert. You'll notice in the picture that her lips are burned. We believe this is from ingesting chemicals. Oftentimes, our dogs on the streets do anything to survive which includes drinking water from toxic or contaminated sources. The burns will heal over time. Thanks for your continued support of sweet Jasmine. We are excited to see improvement!

2/6/17: This sweet girl was found by one of our amazing supporters yesterday at Fuller State Park and alerted us right away of her urgency. It was apparent immediate care was needed so she scooped her up and brought her home where she was fed and given the name Jasmine. After having her home for a few hours, Jasmine’s case was even more urgent than initially thought. So they headed to the emergency clinic. She stayed overnight and received a blood transfusion – her white counts were extremely high and red counts were very low. While there, she also had X-rays that show bone shards in her GI tract. Additionally, it was discovered that she has 3 types of intestinal worms. She is losing blood and both the GI trouble and worms could be the reason. She is also heartworm positive. This morning, Jasmine was taken to Grace for further evaluation. Doc is quite concerned and will be monitoring her throughout the day. She has a distinct odor that was concerning to both the emergency vet and our vet. We will keep you posted as we get reports.

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