Update 2/9/17: I am working on getting comfortable with people coming into "my" house. My fosters are constantly inviting robbers and murderers in. It's not my fault they are such bad judges of character! I love my lady-dog friends of all sizes and temperaments. I even get along with those sneaky cats in the house! My favorite thing to do outside of patrolling my neighborhood is taking car rides. I like going anywhere, but Hollywood Feed is my favorite!

Update 5/27/15:Kumar is a 5 year old Shepherd/Canaan mix. He is a big loveable pup with a lot of personality! He loves to play outside and  go on walks and car rides. Kumar is very trusting and loyal to “his” humans, but can be shy with new people. He enjoys quiet time, and would be best with a family without children and a calm home. His foster says that he loves kitties, and squeaky toys! Don’t worry- he waits until the morning alarm rings to start squeaking his favorite toy. He also loves to be brushed and even vaccumed! His foster mom says “He is really one of the most loving, trusting dogs I've ever met.”
Like most of our Streetdogs, Kumar has had a rough start in life. In this case, rougher than most. Kumar was hit by a car and left for dead. A kind lady saw this and ran to his aid. She loaded him in her car and took him to the animal hospital. Kumar had several broken bones, including a particularly nasty compound fracture of his leg. He still bears the scars of this injury today.

The vet and staff did a wonderful job of patching this boy up and putting him back together. The healing process was quite lengthy. Kumar however had hidden scars that were much deeper and would take much longer to heal. It became evident right away that Kumar had been beaten; apparently often, and by one or more men. He was wary of women, but Kumar had no trust at all for men. It has taken over a year to get this boy rehabilitated, to teach him that not all humans are bad. As you can see in his pictures, Kumar has conquered his fear of men!

We have the staff of the clinic, and our dedicated Streetdog volunteers to thank for Kumar's new found faith in humanity. Kumar got regular walks several times a week, and even took a road trip to Arizona last summer!

Kumar truly was one of our most difficult rehabs. He is proof that love and patience can bring out the best in any dog (or anyone!). I am so glad that no one gave up on this boy. He is worth every minute of time and effort that so many people put in to him. He is a loving and happy boy. He is also great lesson in redemption for anyone who cares to get to know him.

Thanks Kumar for sharing your lesson with us!

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