Lena - Foster Needed


Hi! My name is Lena and I've just recently joined the Streetdog team. It took a bit of convincing and some yummy treats in a trap to get me to start believeing that i had finally met some humans that wanted to help me not hurt me. I'm still pretty timid and shy around people but I learn to trust a little bit more everyday. I LOVE to be around other dogs though, and playing is my absolute favorite. I have lived my whole life outside going from porch to porch looking for meals and clean water. 
Doc checked me out at the vet and I'm pretty healthy all things considered. I've got to get a good healthy diet started since I've never known what that is like, but that's going to be easy! I'm about 1.5-2 years old. Everything is still pretty overwhelming to me but I am trying to work in being a big girl for my rescuers and foster mom. Walking on leashes is kind of scary but I'm getting the hang of it. Meeting kitty cats was equally as scary but I'm pretty sure they are ok. I'm going to keep having a few playdates to make sure. 
I'm spending some time in a foster home now decompressing and trusting people more and more and pretty soon you will see me out and about at adoption events so keep your eyes peeled for me!

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