I was hanging around a street corner in Central Gardens when the neighbors started to notice me looking skinny and lost. Several people tried to catch me, but I was too scared and just kept running away. One Sunday afternoon a nice person managed to earn my trust with a combination of treats, hot dogs and cheese and after a while I let her pet me and put a leash on.

Unfortunately I didn't have a name tag or a microchip so there was no way of finding out where I came from. When the nice person who helped couldn't find a shelter that would take me in that Sunday evening she decided to take me home and give me food and water and a nice warm place to sleep. She took me to the vet as well where they found out I'm heartworm positive but otherwise ok. So I'm in the middle of my treatment for that and then will have to be neutered but I'm well on my way to health and happiness in this new year! I am dog and cat friendly and like meeting new people. As you can tell I'm super handsome as well. I am looking forward to what the future holds for me in the new year and can't wait to meet you all! Follow my story on Streetdog Foundation! #sdfnero #sdfroadtowellness

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