Sylvester - Medical Hold - Foster Needed


Slyvester is looking for a foster home! He is good with other dogs, cats and children! For more information on fostering, click here!

Streetdog was alerted to this injured boy in late November and sent a couple of volunteers over right away. He appeared to have a leg injury that made him unable to walk at some point and didn’t move when our volunteers arrived. He did roll over on his side when they went to pick him up.

Our Doc confirmed that he had been hit by a car - likely a couple of days before. Thankfully, no internal injuries were sustained (heart and lungs sound good) and an x-ray revealed he had no broken bones. He's also heartworm negative! He does have some bite wounds from another dog which have been clipped and cleaned up. He got a medicated bath and started antibiotics to prevent any infection. Our hearts hurt at the knowledge that he not only suffered impact of a car hitting him, but also being bitten. He’s resilient and just a total love. Sylvester is incredibly sweet and allowed lots of kisses and head rubs. He’s got a great little wiggle bum going when he gets head rubs! We’re all quite smitten with Sylvester!

Click below for video of Sylvester's rescue and progress updates!

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