Did you know that we try to have a Streetdog photographer present at all adoption ceremonies? We think that gaining a new family member is a special occasion that should be documented with family photos! (After all, how often do we get a family photo of everyone together with the pets too?!) The photo downloads are FREE on our SmugMug site, and professionally printed gifts, prints, and wall art can be purchased there as well! Not only do these make great gifts, but the proceeds go back to Streetdog Foundation so that we can rescue more pups and keep posting Happy Tails! We'd also like to mention that family photos taken at adoption ceremonies make fun holiday or birthday cards. Most adoption ceremonies from the last year are uploaded in case you missed a Happy Tails announcement on our Facebook page! If you would like a photo that you have seen on any of our social media platforms uploaded to SmugMug, email photo@streetdogfoundation.com.

Photos from other events such as Santa Paws are also hosted on our SmugMug site and available for free download or to purchase prints! 

As always, we appreciate your continued support for our Streetdogs!