Saving Isaac

For the last several weeks, we have been working collaboratively with several rescue groups to rescue a group of 4 dogs on S. Third Street. Initially, we were considering a trap and other options, but quickly learned that we needed a different approach. Volunteers had been working to gain this dog's trust. A man named Jim had been tracking the group’s movements for days.

We spoke to Jim and he agreed to continue working to gain their trust. A man who lived in the area let Jim know that Isaac was in an abandoned apartment. When Jim arrived, Isaac no longer had the strength to run. Maybe he went into that apartment to give up?

Jim rushed Isaac to our vet. Right now, we know that he has mange, is severely emaciated, and has open wounds. Many of you may remember Monk, a severe mange case from 2013. Poor Isaac is in a similar state. We won’t know for a couple of days how severe his condition is. Have his organs begun to shut down? Does he have heartworms?

Honestly, we anticipate that he will have a severe case of heartworms, but we are hopeful that we got him before the mange infected his bloodstream and caused organ failure. Our amazing vet and his staff are working to get him comfortable for now. In the days ahead, he will need daily medicated scrubs and baths. He is very skinny and will have to be fed many small meals each day to regain his strength. He will need dental care to fix the teeth that were broken as he ate rocks to try to fill his empty stomach, and he will need ear surgery to fix an old injury. There may be other things that we find along the way, but we are committed to doing whatever it takes.

We will continue to post updates about Isaac’s progress. His recovery will be long, but we are hopeful, that like Monk, he will make a full recovery and have a wonderful future with a loving family. Streetdog Foundation is committed to getting him healthy. Please continue to follow his journey and if you feel compelled, donate to his care here.

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