IStreetdog::Megan Banet

Megan Banet was one of Streetdog’s first volunteers!  Her main role is to coordinate foster homes for all of our dogs and to be sure that fosters have everything they need (shameless plug for fostering here-we pay for EVERYTHING).  She also works with volunteers who lead our training and integration teams to be sure that dogs are placed in homes safely if there are other animals and that we support any training needs they may have. And, of course, she fosters too!

“I’ve always been passionate about helping others in need. Whether animals, kids, or other adults, I cannot ignore suffering. Streetdog provides me with an outlet for some of that passion. I get to help dogs! The organization itself is wonderful. I never have to worry about the fate of the dogs I am trying to help. Streetdog commits 100% to doing everything they can to help a dog. Whether a dog needs heartworm treatment, expensive surgery or medications, or intensive behavioral intervention, Streetdog does everything they can to get a dog healthy and in a loving home. And it doesn’t matter if it takes years for the dog to find their perfect family, Streetdog is all in for the dogs they rescue. I also love that I get to see the end result - I get to see the dogs with their forever families. It fills my heart to bursting.”