The First 15 Streetdogs!

Earlier this week, we reached a new landmark for SDF- we now have over 15,000 followers on Facebook! First of all, we'd like to say "hi" and "welcome" to our new followers, and "Thanks for sticking around" for those that have been with us for a while! We appreciate all of you, and couldn't do what we do without you! To commemorate this occasion, we would like to do a brief walk down memory lane and share photos of the first 15 Streetdogs to be adopted. We weren't as active on social media then, didn't have a media team, photography team, or applications team (actually we didn't have any teams!), so we figured you might want a peek at our humble beginnings!

For those that don't know, Streetdog Foundation started in 2009 when Mel and Kent went to MAS to look for a stray dog that a friend had been feeding- the friend was concerned that the dog had been picked up by animal control before she could get it into a rescue. When Mel went to MAS to look for that dog, she thought she had found him, and placed a “hold” on him until her friend could get there the next day to get him out. Well, it turns out that this was not the same dog, but one who looked just like him! (Fun fact: the case of a doggy doppelgänger has happened at least twice in the history of Streetdog now.)

Anyway, in the process of looking for this dog at MAS, Mel somehow came home with 2 others, plus the “look alike” dog….and then the original dog they went there to look for showed up again, right where he was being fed previously. So the rescue started with 3 dogs from MAS and one stray, two of whom look very much alike (Thurman and Ramsey!). Since then, Streetdog Foundation has rescued over 850 dogs from the streets of Memphis, and still maintains a focus on finding the right fit for both the dog and the household. We are not a first-come, first-served rescue; our volunteers work diligently to make sure every match has the highest chance of success- this has worked well for us, as you'll see many of the original 15 Streetdog adoptions still happy, healthy, and posting updates to our alumni page!!! 
Without further ado, the first 15 Streetdogs to be adopted!

(PS: SDF alumni who were adopted before our alumni page was created, if you're not on it, please let us know and we'll add you! We love to see updates and keep in touch!) #sdfhappytail"


1.Thurman (the dog that started it all)
2.Mayday (one of the original 3 from MAS)
4.Sir Charles/Jazz
6.ICU (one of the original 3 pulls from MAS)
8.Sweet Baby/Terry
10.Ramsey (one of the original 3 pulls from MAS)
13.Sweet Pea/Sophie