A New Life for Cosette

As supporters of our mission, you know that we are committed to ensuring that our dogs receive everything they need to thrive in this life.

We spare no expense because we believe they’re gifts and their lives are precious.


Our dear Cosette truly struggled to assimilate into life with humans and her fear aggression was out of our scope of experience. After exhausting all our local resources, our team searched tirelessly for options for Cosette and landed on a beautiful place in Booneville, New York called Spirit Animal Sanctuary where she can live out her days happily. We, of course, visited the facility and asked tons of questions before sending her to her new life. Below are the details of her journey to her new life as told by one of our incredible volunteers.

“We started the journey of taking Cose to Spirit Animal Sanctuary in Boonville, New York - the trip had its ups and downs, and Cose had to be medicated for a portion of it. We met up with Streetdog Founders, Mel and Kent, and travelled to the sanctuary together. We arrived at the sanctuary this evening where we met Alan. Alan is a fearless trainer who has worked with the most severe cases of human and dog aggression. He immediately approached Cosette, knelt down to her level, and threw her his hat. She wasn't the happiest to see him, but she did adjust fairly quickly. He took us on a walk through the woods where Cose had the opportunity to roam freely for the first time. Although she was muzzled and had a long lead, she had the opportunity to roam through the woods, fields, and into a nearby creek. She happily rolled in the grass and had a great time exploring. When it was time to move her into her space, she reacted negatively towards Alan but he took it in stride. He continuously told her "you're my good girl" and she eventually stopped. He took her leash from Leasha and led her into her decompression space (indoor/outdoor facility, AC controlled, alone). She looked up at him, but never glanced back at us. We feel very good about Cosette living in this sanctuary. Although it's very upsetting to have to leave her, we know this is the absolute best for her. We are confident that she will be happy there and Alan thinks she will thrive.”


We want to thank our incredible volunteers who took Cosette to her new home, those who helped her here in Memphis and our Founders, Melanie and Kent Pafford. We couldn’t have done this without the love and support you showed our beloved Cosette. She has been living in her new home for a few months now and Alan reports she has let go of many of her fears and anxieties and has become much more happy and playful with him and enjoys the pack she lives with.